This EV is used for Experimental Development Model (XDM) purposes.

To see the EV, play this video. (8MB)


A Ford Bantam Pickup Truck is used for this purpose. It can carry the weight of the batteries (370 kg), leaving sufficient room for additional cargo. The expected range is approximately 100 km, depending on the road, using ten 150 Ahr lead acid 12V batteries. (120V system).

1.6 x (150 Ahr x 0.6 x 120V)/180 Whr/mile

There is limited space available in the engine compartment and therefore this conversion is done without re-installing the clutch. Due to the much lower inertia of the DC motor and the removal of the flywheel, gears can still be changed.

The switch controller used for the “Low Cost EV” conversion may be used here again. Alternatively, the detail of a  PWM electronic controller is given in the sub-menus below.

This conversion is based on a direct connection to gearbox, no clutch.

Below is a picture of the donor vehicle.

Ford Bantam

Engine Out!

Engine out1

Space for the DC Motor!

Empty Space