The original Air Conditioner of the vehicle has been re-used. A bracket has been made to fit the Air Conditioner compressor to the DC Motor framework.

The original power steering pump pulley has been removed from the power steering pump and fitted on the DC motor rear shaft extension.

A V-belt is used between the DC Motor and the Air Conditioner compressor.

(see pictures below)

Compressor Fitted to Frame
Aircon Compressor
DC Motor Pulley
V-belt for Aircon

The Air Conditioner is controlled with a micro controller which controls the air conditioner radiator fan and the air conditioner compressor electric clutch by means of 12V relays. The circuit diagram is shown below. (This micro controller is also used for the RMP display and DC Motor Temperature display functions.)

Aircon Controller

The software program was created and compiled with BASCOM AVR and the programmer used is the USB-ISP programmer, both available from

The program listing is given here:

Aircon and Fan Control