Mechanical Layout

The electronic motor controller consists of the following modules:

  1. MOSFET Module
  2. Diode Modules
  3. Controller Electronics
  4. Temperature Sensor (Optional)
  5. Current Sensor
  6. Capacitor Bank
  7. Cooling Fans
  8. Snubbers

The Physical Construction is illustrated with the aid of a number of pictures:

Heatsinks and Fans:

The Controller use separate Heatsinks and Fans for the Mosfets and Diodes.

The Heatsinks and Bus-Bars are electrically isolated by means of high heat isolation material.

MOSFET Modules:

The Mosfet Drains are connected with thick copper wires through holes in the heatsinks to the other side of the heatsinks where the Diodes are mounted. Note the tight connections between the Mosfet Drains and Diode Anodes in order to  minimize stray inductance in the circuit. The Drains and the Sources of the Mosfets are also connected via thick copper wire to the Motor Bus-Bar and Negative Bus-Bar respectively. These wires must be soldered on to the Mosfet terminals, as close as possible to the Mosfet casing, in order to avoid unnecessary heat build-up at the Mosfet terminals.

Diode Modules:

Current Sensor:

The Current Sensor is mounted on the Motor Bus-Bar. Note the direction of current flow.

Opto-Isolator and Mosfet Gate Driver:

The Opto-Isolator and Mosfet Gate Driver Module is mounted as close as possible to the Mosfet Gate Terminals.

Capacitor Bank:

Controller Electronics:


Installed Controller: