Mechanical Layout

The electronic motor controller consists of the following modules:

  1. 2 x MOSFET Modules
  2. 2 x Diode Modules
  3. Controller Electronics
  4. Temperature Sensor
  5. Current Sensor
  6. Capacitor Banks
  7. Cooling Fans
  8. . Optional Snubbers

The Physical Construction is illustrated with the aid of a number of pictures:


MOSFET Module:





Diode Module:



MOSFET and Diode Modules Combined:

(There are two of these combined modules)

Note the tight connections between the Mosfet Drains and Diode Anodes in order to  minimize stray inductance in the circuit.



Fit Capacitor Banks:
















Assembly of Diode and Mosfet Modules






Snubber Construction (Optional):






Snubber Installed into Controller Unit:



Side Panels, Fans and Electronics added:





The Temperature Sensor is visible in the centre of the following picture. It is mounted on the side of the MOSFET heatsink.






Installed Unit: