The solar panel charging station is used to charge the EV batteries, and is also used as electricity supply for the house.

The charging station consists of 18 solar panels, two 100A charge controllers, 20 kWhr battery bank (24V system) and 4 kW 220V 50Hz inverter.

The solar panels are ART-solar,  240W, 24V panels available from

A DIY inverter is shown in a seperate page under this menu heading (Inverter)

Below are pictures of the installed solar panels.

12 Junie 2013
5 Junie 2013

The circuit diagram of the solar panel system charge controller is shown in the figure:

The programme listing is given in the attached file:

Charge Controller Software Listing (2018)

The program was created and compiled with BASCOM AVR and the programmer used is the USB-ISP programmer, both available fromĀ

Charge Controller

An image of the charge controller is shown in the next picture:

The battery and inverter set-up is shown below:

Inverter and Battery Setup

The battery bank is made up of 12 x MTL27XF, 819 A/Hr 2V cells from Raylite. The batteries are available from First National Battery (

24V Battery Bank

Inside view of the 4kW sinewave Inverter.

Inside 4 kW Inverter